GitHub Guides: learning how to work with GitHub.

One of the open source projects or services I really like is GitHub. There you can create your, not only, software projects and use all the huge and great infrastructure to do the version controlling, documentation, issue controlling of your project. In addition, as one of the laggiest computing communities there are, you can easily discover, reuse and contribute to more than 24 million projects.

To help those developers who don’t know how GitHub works, they made available a serie of quick guides explaining each one of it’s most important features and solutions. It’s called GitHub Guides and it’s available at The first guide, in my opinion, is the most important of all guides because explain how the GitHub Flow works. It’s simple and obvious for some experienced developers, but very important for the newcomers.

Also, GitHub provided a several of video guides and trainings explaining how to integrated GitHub with other tools or get mastered in their products. Watch them here:

For those interesting in which projects I’ve been contributing or created, check out my profile there:


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